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Looking for trimming equipment? At Seaton Hydro we have something for amateurs and professionals alike. Read on to learn more!


Trimming equipment at Seaton Hydro

Horticulturalists often use trimming equipment to remove protruding leaves and roots from flowers, for the preparation of plants for essential oils and for the mixture of flower petals for potpourri. Whether you use small hand-held pruning scissors, a larger trimming bowl or a free-standing motorised trimming machine, we stock everything you need.


ARS Pruning Scissors

pruners trimming equipment

Our pruning scissors are perfect for small jobs or for those who like to give the personal touch to their arrangements. ARS pruning scissors are lightweight but sturdy, meaning they will last for a long time. They feature a retractable spring that makes trimming smooth and controlled.

Pruning scissors enable you to cut further down towards the plant or flower for a neater result, but manual trimming can take some time, especially when you have a large amount to get through. But for small arrangements or more artistic trimming projects, these pruning scissors are just what you need.


SPINPRO Trimming Bowls

For larger quantities, the SPINPRO Trimming Bowl enables you to trim away the excess leaves and stems in no time. Constructed of medical-grade stainless steel and incorporating food-quality rubber fans, it operates via a simple mechanism that makes it virtually unbreakable through normal use.



spinpro trimming bowl trimming equipment

The base unit is a hand-operated setup. With a few turns of the handle you can trim large quantities of plants or flowers. The handle turns with smooth precision and is good for small to medium-sized jobs.



TRIMMER MOTOR  trimming equipment

When you’ve got a bit more to get through, you can convert your hand-operated unit with the SPINPRO motor and fitting kit. The motor kit is made from machined parts and a heavy-duty bearing. It is easy to fit and makes trimming effortless!


Replacement blades

PRO-CUT TRIMMER BLADE RAZOR trimming equipment

If your SPINPRO Trimmer blades are starting to get worn, we stock replacement blade units to get your trimming bowl back into prime condition. The replacement blades are easy to install and you will be ready to start trimming again in no time.


Pro-Cut P2X Motorised Leaf Trimmer


Take it to the next level with the trimming machine the pros use! The Pro-Cut Motorised Leaf Trimmer has a large hopper that you can feed continuously from above, along with Pro-Cut’s patented “fill and spill” leaf recovery system and a direct drive electric motor.


Large and Extra Large

Available in either 36cm or 50cm trimming surface varieties, the Pro-Cut P2X can accommodate even the largest of trimming projects. The “fill and spill” leaf recovery system ensures that all waste material is collected in the attached mesh bag and not spread all over your backyard.


Razor Blade Upgrade

PRO-CUT TRIMMER BLADE RAZOR trimming equipment

Maximise your trimming power with the Pro-Cut razor blade upgrade. Suitable for either the Pro-Cut or the SPINPRO, the razor will drastically reduce the time you spend at the trimming task.


X-Blade Upgrade

PROCUT X BLADE trimming equipment

Two blades are better than one, and the X-Blade upgrade makes it possible to cut your trimming time in half. Perfect for when you have a bumper crop that needs a quick tidy-up.


Seaton Hydro has your trimming needs covered

Why buy from Seaton Hydro?

We have local staff, local knowledge and world-class customer service. Wherever you are in Adelaide, the best trimming equipment and experience in using it is not far away.

We stock all units and accessories – no need to source them from someone else when you can get it all right here. Get support and advice from the person who sold you the unit you own.

Do you want to know more about our trimming equipment? Just visit our online store, or contact us today for more details.