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Qubelok Aluminium struts and accessories are a fantastic solution for any storage need – you can build whatever you need!


What is Qubelok?

Qubelok is a system of square hollow aluminium tubes and a range of accessories including connectors, castors, end caps and extrusions. Using these items you can build bookshelves, frames, storage and display units for pretty much any purpose. You can also buy lipped tubing which allows you to insert timber, glass or Perspex shelving or surface tops.


How do I use it?

All you need is a tape measure, a hacksaw and a design, and you can custom-build whatever you need.


Qubelok design tips

It always pays to plan your design first. It’s a good idea to sit down with a pencil and paper and sketch out what you are planning to build. You can then set your measurements and required dimensions, and figure out which components you will need and how many.

To start off, cube shapes are the strongest and most stable, so your design should be based around these wherever possible. Units made from connected cube shapes will be the strongest, so bear this in mind with your design.

Make sure there are no cantilevers as these will undermine the stability of your structure, and in general, joints should all be supported by a downward strut. When making a table, you are safe with legs up to 300mm in length, but anything longer than this will need to be supported by a cross-member.

The strength of long, low structures such as coffee tables will be determined by the load they will be expected to bear. If you want to strengthen vertical sections, you just need to add another vertical support to increase the weight it can take.


Qubelok ideas

Interested to know exactly what you can do with Qubelok? Check these out!


Qubelok work steps
Work steps


Qubelok entertainment unit
Entertainment unit


Qubelok computer case
Computer case


As you can see, you really can build whatever you need!


Seaton Hydro for Aluminium Qubelok solutions

Seaton Hydro stocks Qubelok aluminium struts and accessories. We can even supply orders specific to what you need to build. Just tell us the total metres required when placing your order and we will be in touch with you to get your measurements. If you need lengths longer than 2.5 metres we also offer an in-store collection service.

Visit the Qubelok product page to pick the components you need and place your order, or contact us for more information.