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R-N-A is a powerful, easy to use foliar spray, designed to help your plants BUILD THE PERFECT FRAMEWORK to support a MASSIVE YIELD. Longer branches, more internodes and thicker stems means your plant can support a much LARGER HARVEST.

The Science Of UBER RNA

R-N-A works via a unique combination of glycinated micronutrients married to a suite of specific amino and nucleic acids. This combination up-regulates genes responsible for branching, stem girth and thickness together with an increase in flowering sites. By doing this, we increase the plants carrying or support capacity. Studies have shown that when you increase a plants support or carrying capacity you increase it’s yield capacity. When used correctly R-N-A will provide your plants with the framework to maximize the yield potential of your favourite flowering booster etc.
R-N-A is without doubt the INDUSTRY’S MOST POWERFUL foliar additive and the ONLY foliar product that has been shown to INCREASE YIELD!


To each litre / quart of water add…

50 mls / 3.5 Tbsp of R-N-A

20 mls / 1.5 Tbsp of F-D-S

Do NOT adjust pH.
Gently shake the spray bottle to make sure the solution is well mixed.
Apply when your LIGHTS ARE ON and will remain on for at least 3 hours. The longer the plants have under the lights, after R-N-A has been applied, the better. However, R-N-A can be sprayed with the lights on or off – it’s you’re choice.

Spray your plants until the leaves are evenly coated with the spray solution and a small runoff occurs.

For OPTIMAL RESULTS, it is best to mix fresh solutions just prior to spraying. However, left over solution may be stored in the spray bottle, in a dark, cool environment, for up to a week.

*Spray 1-2 times a week from week 1 of vegetative growth through to week 3 of the flower stage.


Do NOT adjust pH.

Best used with distilled or RO water.

It is best to applying R-N-A with F-D-S which will allow you to spray with the lights on.

This allows the plant to fully metabolize R-N-A and utilize the full time under the lights for amplified growth.

Lights can be switched on or off and should be a minimum of 18 to 24 inches from the tops of your plants.

If you choose to spray with your lights on and you need to raise your lights to spray safely, you may lower them back into position after 30 minutes.

With F-D-S’s Active Transport Technology, you only need to spray the top surface of the leaf. F-D-S delivers your nutrients directly to the chloroplasts

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