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This is the Most Awesome Root Promoter.

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This is the Most Awesome Root Promoter and Outstanding Plant Immune System Booster that we have Ever Used!

After 2 years in development In Canada and Australia and  1.5yrs rigorous testing in extreme situations we can Honestly say finally Here’s a product works.

Rhyzo is specifically designed to promote rapid root and shoot establishment in newly planted crops. This product can be used as a very effective “rescue remedy” during times of stress (heat, wind, cold, under/over watering, transplant stresses etc) or generally unhealthy, sick, or slow growing plants. Rhyzo is ideal for re-potting and transplanting new or old plants.


  • Promotes rapid establishment of new plantings including turf, young trees, strawberries and vegetable seedlings.
  • Vigorous root growth delivers more uptake of nutrition, more CO2 production for photosynthesis and enhanced stress resistance.
  • Superior shoot production is the essence of proactive vigor and plant health.
  • Can be fertigated for root response or foliar fertilised to boost shoot production.

Directions of use

  • Always shake well.
  • Cuttings & Seedlings; For Explosive white root development, mix 1-2ml of Ryzo per liter of water or working nutrient solution on new seedlings or cuttings to stimulate root growth. Can be used as a bare root soak.
  • Repair, Revive & Stress Relief; Mix 1-2ml of Ryzo per liter of nutrient solution.
  • Keep Plants Extremely Healthy; Mix 0.5-1ml of Ryzo per liter of nutrient solution.

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