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The HI-PAR 315w CMH Sunstorm kit is the latest technology in medical-grade horticultural lighting!

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The HI-PAR 315w CMH Sunstorm kit is the latest technology in medical-grade horticultural lighting!

This complete luminaire kit contains our ultra-durable, full spectrum electronic 315w ballast, a 315w CDM/CMH Horticulture lamp and the new release HiPAR 315w SunStorm Reflector.

315w CMH Technology has been proven to provide more UV-A and UV-B than traditional MH lamps, ensuring better essential oil and resin production from your crop!

The arc-tube within the globe is a Ceramic composite (hence Ceramic Metal Halide CMH) and burns hotter within the bulb. The resulting light output is higher quality and optimised for horticultural growth. Super energy efficiency and powerful results for your end harvest!

The Sunstorm Reflector is the most powerful design available specifically for 315w CMH bulbs! The reduced size of the arc-tube requires a specialised reflector shape and our R&D has ensured the most PAR light possible from your 315w ballast & bulb!

Try 315w Technology for improvements to the quality and quantity of your crop!

Our 315w Ballast is recognised for its tough design and low energy consumption with maximum PAR output. Using specialised low-frequency technology allows this package to output incredibly optimised light energy, resulting in faster and healthier growth from your plants!

Affordable yet incredible!

Hi-Par 315w reflectors are designed for maximum illumination and bulb durability, offering more efficiency than others on the market. Increased light reflectivity and effectual spread dramatically improves plant growth. The reflector features precisely engineered micro-aluminium and a PGZ18 bulb mount for a safe and secure connection.

Our Sunstorm kits are available in horizontal or vertical style for your convenience.

Sunstorm Kit Specs:

Kit includes 1 x 315w CMH Ballast, 1 x 315w Horticultural Lamp, 1 x CMH Sunstorm Reflector and hangers.
CRI > 90%
Kelvin: 3000k
PPFD: 856.61umol/s/m2 (Mean average result from grid trial at 60cm distance to canopy)
THD: <10% Lamp Life: >90% @ 20,000 hrs

315w Ballast + 315w Reflector + 315w Horticultural CDM/CMH lamp!

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