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Can Max Carbon Filters

When you need Max air flow, reach for the Max-Filter. The objective when constructing the Max-Filter was high air flow, convenience and effectiveness.

The Max Filter has been constructed with lightweight aluminum (over 40% perforated) and high capacity carbon. This large surface area allows for Max air flow with an effective contact time for odour and pollution control.

The Can-Max Carbon filter Range is the latest addition to the Can-Fil Carbon filter range. Recently released after over 3 years of testing and research With the Max Fan in mind, the Can-Max Carbon Filter range has been developed with ease of installation, durability and effectiveness in mind.

Up to a third more airflow, these are the perfect match for the Can Max Fan and the Can All Metal Silencers, more airflow means more yield, it’s as simple as that!

All CAN MAX FILTERS have 50mm thickness of carbon bed, use CKV-4 light Pelletised Activated Carbon type and can handle maximum 80 degrees Celcius with 70% relative humidity making them the worlds number one Filters for hydroponic use.

Available in:

CAN GT600 > 54cm Height > 20cm Diameter > 150mm Flange

CAN MAX 1000 > 50cm Height > 30cm Diameter > 200mm Flange

CAN MAX 1500 > 75cm Height > 30cm Diameter > 200mm Flange

CAN MAX 2500 > 100cm Height > 35cm Diameter > 250mm Flange

CAN MAX 3000 > 100cm Height > 40cm Diameter > 355mm Flange

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