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House & Garden BUD XL 5 LTR

Bud XL by House & Garden is a unique bloom-stage additive. Its proprietary mix of vitamins and enzymes signals the plant to transfer sugars from the leaves to the fruit, increasing the size and sweetness of the fruit. It has the same effect on flowers, causing bigger flowers and an increased yield.


How does Bud XL work?

Bud XL is a 0.4-0-0.2 flowering stimulant that transfers sugars from the bracts and into the flowers, resulting in a more robust flower production and sweeter fruit.

Enzymes in Bud XL signal the plant to transport sugars away from the bracts, meaning that the plant is using energy to produce flowers and fruits instead of maintaining the bracts.


When should Bud XL be used?

You should add Bud XL to your nutrient base after the first flowers start to form, generally in the second week of the flowering cycle.

This is when the large bracts begin to lose their functions. Rather than supporting these bracts, your plant will then devote its energy to fruit and flower production.


Should I use Bud XL in combination with other additives/nutrient solutions?

Bud XL is a bloom stage additive and needs to be mixed with a nutrient solution. It is compatible with most other additives and solutions. If using other House & Garden products, you should follow the feed chart supplied by them. Many growers find the House & Garden Shooting Powder to be a knockout combination!

As always, you should carefully monitor your PH levels, temperatures and NPK mix to ensure these elements remain at the right levels.


Is there another product similar to Bud XL that I can use instead?

There are currently no other products on the market quite like Bud XL. Unlike synthetic carbohydrates, it does not add artificial sugar to your plant. Instead, it encourages the plant to make better use of its own naturally-produced sugar.

The result will be fruit that is sweeter with the plant’s natural flavour, along with a greater number of fragrant flowers.


Does Seaton Hydro sell Bud XL?

We absolutely do stock and supply House & Garden Bud XL! Not only that, but we can provide you with our own customised feed chart based on our years of indoor cultivation experience.

For pretty much any growing situation, we know the right combination of nutrients and additives to ensure you get the best yield and the best results every time. You can always rely on us for the best service and the best advice!


Remember, Bud XL is a bloom stage additive, designed to be mixed in with the nutrient solution. It works by encouraging the plant’s own natural sugars away from the large bracts and into the fruit, meaning a sweeter and more abundant yield.

You don’t need to use synthetic carbohydrates, and you should always keep a close eye on all your PH and NPK levels. Always follow the feed charts supplied and you can expect to find bigger, better, stronger and sweeter yields for your next grow cycle!